Lo-CHLOR Filter Aid & Metal Remover – 300G


Natural Fibres That AID IN THE FILTRATION OF METALS From Pool Water

This unique cellulose fibre coats any filter with a gel that improves filtration drastically in a very short time

Dosage rates

Read directions for use carefully before use

More information about this new and exciting product…

  • Enhances the efficiency of all types of pool filtration systems
  • Traps minute particles of waste that would normally pass through the filter
  • When used with Lo-Chlor Metal Solution, this product aids in the removal of metals such as copper, iron and manganese that would otherwise cause pool surface staining or water discolouration.

$49.99 AUD



  • Lo-Chlor Filter Aid & Metal Remover is a fast acting filter aid clarifier to remove dissolved metals, dead algae and other suspended matter from pool water.
  • Lo-Chlor Filter Aid & Metal Remover is a dual acting product that works within your sand, cartridge or DE filter.
  • Lo-Chlor Filter Aid & Metal Remover spreads a coagulant over the sand to stop small particles passing through the media and returning to the pool.
  • Lo-Chlor Filter Aid & Metal Remover is also ionically charged to attract the negatively charged debris again, preventing it from returning to the pool.