Leaf Canister

Helps your pool cleaner do a better and faster job, while keeping the pool filtration system safe from clogging and straining.

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Less work and less to worry about.

Hayward Deluxe Leaf Catcher works together with your Hayward Suction Cleaner and helps it do a better and faster job.

This rugged extra-large canister with mesh bag traps heavier loads of leaves and debris. It collects leaves and large debris before they reach filtration system, preventing the filtration system from getting strained. It reducing the need to clear out the basket at the skimmer and pump. This increases the durability of the pool components and equipment.


  • Extra-Large basket
  • No-clog design
  • Easy to open lid
  • See through canister
  • Constructed for durability

Package Height12
Package Length20
Package Width10
Warranty1 Year
ModelDeluxe Leaf Canister
Product TypePool Accesories


  • Helps your Pool Cleaner do a better and faster job by removing leafs and debris and maintaining the level of suction.
  • Less to worry about. Prevents your Pool Filtration System from getting damaged from clogging and straining.
  • Less work. There is no need to go through the hassle of inspecting and cleaning the skimmer basket any more. Instead, simply inspect the leaf catcher.
  • It is incredibly easy to fit, use and clean. It is ergonomically designed. Its automatic water release valve makes it easy to lift off the pool.
  • It is compatible with all Hayward suction cleaners.
  • Safe to use for swimmers of all ages
  • Durable and tough. Made of the highest quality materials with extreme durability in mind.
  • 1Years Warranty