LaMotte Waterlink Spin Disc 204 Salt Series 100 Pack

Keep your water testing regimen on schedule with the Waterlink Spin Disk 204 Series 100 pack. Mr Pool Man stocks the largest range of pool testing supplies online from Waterlink at the best prices.

The 3 mL syringe is used to fill the disk with the sample water. When the syringe is placed in the pool or spa sample, and the plunger is pulled all the way up, the syringe will hold more than enough sample water to adequately fill the disk. The syringe is held vertically and the tip is inserted into the fill hole on the disk. The plunger is pressed slowly and smoothly to fill the disk.

Three baffles in the disk ensure that the disk fills properly with less chance of bubbles. The sample water will fill the spaces between the baffles in a counter-clockwise order. Each chamber will fill from the bottom to the top. Sample water should be added until the sample water in the space in the 4th chamber fills the top of the space to the embossed fill line. The disk should not contain any large air bubbles. Air bubbles will result in erroneous results.

The disk should not be overfilled. If the disk is over filled, sample water will flow out of the overflow hole in the center of the disk. The disk is not leaking. Wet disks should be dried thoroughly with a lint free wipe. Disks should be filled and used within 10 minutes. They cannot be filled ahead of time.

$598.99 AUD



  • Free Chlorine/Bromine
  • Total Chlorine
  • Total Alkalinity
  • pH
  • Total Hardness
  • Copper
  • Calcium Hardness, High Range
  • Cyanuric Acid
  • Salt

NOTE: Samples suspected of having high levels of chlorine, above 15 ppm, should be pretested with a Wide Range pH/Total Chlorine Test Strip (2987). Samples with high chlorine concentrations will bleach out the chlorine reagent in the disk and cause false low results.