Evoflow Platinum Variable Speed (V3 PRO, V5 PRO, V8 PRO) Series

Evoflow Platinum Variable speed Pool Pumps

The Evoflow Platinum PLT V3 PRO, PLT V5 PRO and PLT V8 PRO variable 3 speed pumps provide complete control to the pool owner with each speed fully adjustable to suit individual pools. Additionally the pump features a heavy duty extra-large leaf basket, and can be plumbed with 50mm or 65mm pipe.


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  • Variable 3 Speed Pumps
  • Digital RPM Display Interface
  • 1.25HP and 1.75HP Variable Speed Motors
  • Extra-large leaf basket
  • Up to 8 Star Energy Rating
  • Specifically developed for applications where a larger capacity pump and leaf basket may be required.
  • Maximises efficiency to save on running costs.
  • Permanent magnet brushless fully variable 3 speed DC motor.
  • Selectable 3 speed for best suitability to tasks.
  • Suited for all pool uses including backwashing, vacuuming and cleaning.
  • Operates at extremely low noise levels allowing for night operation.
  • Highest durability and quality housing and internal parts are used for long term reliability and operation.
  • Australian made
  • 3 year warranty, 12 month commercial installation warranty.