Evochlor Salt Water Chlorinator

The Evochlor Salt Water Chlorinator has been stringently designed, engineered and built for the toughest Australian conditions. Now with advanced microprocessor control, brown energy protection and mineral salt compatibility, this work horse is better than ever.

The Evochlor Salt Water Chlorinators range consists of:

‘A’ series: Automatic self-cleaning chlorinators which feature reverse polarity cell cleaning, and are available in six chlorine output models, the A15TS, A20TS, A25TS, A30TS, A35TS and the A50G.

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  • Wholly developed and manufactured in Australia.
  • Proven reliability, even in the harshest Australian conditions.
  • Salt and mineral salt compatibility.
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled PCB.
  • Brown energy and overload protection.
  • Low salt operation of 3500 to 4500ppm.
  • Over salt warning light.
  • Bright display LEDS.
  • External reset button (no internal fuse).
  • 10% incremental adjustable chlorine output.
  • Simple to set analogue time clock with battery backup.
  • Energy efficient design with low kW use.
  • High grade long lasting electrolytic plates.
  • UV and impact resistant cell housing.
  • Easy to install into new or existing pools.
  • Optional Wireless models available with remote / app enabled control.