Aquatek Smart Master Controller

Pool automation just got simpler with Dontek’s newest innovation AQUATEK. The AQUATEK controller is the first agnostic pool controller which efficiently manages your pool, spa and heating requirements via WiFI. By simply downloading the AQUATEK app on any smartphone, AQUATEK uses Wi-Fi to effortlessly control multiple pool and spa requirements.

Using state of the art technology, AQUATEK allows pool control from the palm of your hand and users can say goodbye to complicated pool automation. Dontek has created this controller which can remotely heat pool and spas from work or even the shops!

AQUATEK is modular and can accommodate most pool and spa control requirements big or small as well as being energy efficient and can dictate speeds on appliances such as gas heaters, solar heaters, in-floor cleaning systems and cleaning pumps.

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AQUATEK can control:

*Single/ variable speed pumps


*Gas heater, Solar heating and heat pump

*Lights- Multicoloured

*Water features

*Chemical balance

*Pool/spa valve actuators

*All spa equipment requirements

AQUATEK is the industry’s first plug and play controller which can retro fit existing systems and allows multi colour light options across a wide variety of brands. This popular feature ensures personal preferences are catered for.
This truly innovative controller simply automates pool and spa functions and the entire household can connect and function the equipment.

To learn more about AQUATEK, please call us on 03 9762 8800.

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