AquaSpa / Spa Fresh Chlorine-Free Spa Chemical System – Start-up Kit

This Bromine & Chlorine-free Aquaspa / Spa Fresh Start-up Kit is odour free and is suitable for asthma & skin allergy sufferers. It contains neither chlorine nor bromine, and it provides the feel of clean fresh water. It is gentle on skin, hair and clothing. You won’t need to worry about inhaling chemical fumes as may be the case when using some other sanitisers. Normal dosing is once every week, making a spa using the LO-CHLOR Aquaspa® PROGRAM is easy, economical and makes having a spa fun again.

$219.99 AUD


Aquaspa™ Spa StartUp Kit contains:

  • 1x AquaSpa™ Spa Sanitiser 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Spa Kleer 500ML
  • 1X AquaSpa™ Spa Shock 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Alkalinity Enhancer 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ pH Reducer 500ml
  • 1 x AquaSpa™ Anti Foam 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Filter Klenz Spray 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Calcium Enhancer 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Pipe Klenz 500ml
  • 1x AquaSpa™ Chlorine Remover 500ml
  • Test Tablets (40)
  • 1x Measure Cup
  • 1 x Cleaning Sponge
  • 1x Instruction Booklet
  • Simple weekly dosage
  • Completely odour free
  • Suitable for asthmatics
  • Outstanding water clarity
  • Gentle on skin, hair & clothing
  • Suitable for people with skin allergies
  • Suitable for all spa types & equipment

The technology behind the AQUASPA™ SYSTEM is a revolutionary combination of 3 products, the base of which is known as PHMB better known as POLYHEXANIDE and this is used in the sanitiser component. The sanitiser, which is specially formulated to control the growth of bacteria in your spa, is extremely gentle on skin, hair and clothing, as well as having no harsh side effects on either the spa or the equipment.

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