Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

The team at PoolClean specialise in the pool maintenance and servicing of all school and commercial swimming pools cleaning services throughout the Gold Coast. No job is too big or too small for us to handle. We have extensive experience in the careful maintenance and meticulous cleaning of small, medium and large sized school swimming pools.

We also have a long history of looking after swimming pools for clients operating in the hospitality industry. From small motels, right through to large scale luxury hotels and lavish 5 star resorts. We ensure that all pool water is compliant with Queensland Health’s water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities.

Cost-Effective Commercial Pool Cleaning Services

The design and construction of all commercial swimming pools, demand considerable upfront costs. Thankfully, provided the pool is built by a trustworthy company, the ongoing maintenance and repairs of commercial pools are not frighteningly expensive. PoolClean is able to provide a range of first-class pool cleaning and maintenance packages that are tailored to suit the budgets of all commercial operators.

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Our commercial cleaning services at a glance

Our full service visits includes completing the following tasks:

  • Equipment check
  • Empty baskets
  • Backwash and rinse sand filter / clean cartridges in cartridge filters
  • Test and balance water
  • Brush pool walls steps and waterline / scoop and Vacuum pool
  • Clean salt cell (if required)
  • Check pool cleaners

The time spent on each visit varies according to the size and condition of the pool, however a weekday call out for 30 minutes is $77.00. Prices increase on Saturdays and public holidays. Chemicals are also additional.

Commercial Swimming Pool Equipment Supplies and Installation

We stock a large range of high-quality pool supplies, pool equipment and accessories, all of which can be professionally installed by our highly trained pool technicians at your commercial property.

This includes but is not limited to pool chlorinators, chemicals, robotic and suction pool cleaners, filters (cartridge and media/sand), heaters, pool lights, pool pumps and other accessories and components needed to keep your pool in tip top condition.

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Commercial Pool Cleaning. Maintenance. Repairs.

Leave a message for us to contact you in the next 24 hours. If you have a specific issue regarding your pool, please detail this in the message.

Or please feel free to call now on 0438 843 581.